Skyline Hydrobikes | Exercising on a Hydrobike
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Exercising on a Hydrobike

Coming Soon Skyline Hydrobikes most unique Exercise Class

Wanna Get Fit And Have Fun?

While joining Skyline  Hydrobikes exercise classes you are able to be one with nature and get a work out too.

You will:

  • Lose kilograms, lose centimetres and firm and tone muscles with regular use
  • Tighten back and abdominal muscles by sitting in the upright position
  • Strengthen and tone thigh muscles, hamstrings, calf muscles, upper arms and chest
  • Hydrobikes are a high calorie burn as you work large muscle groups.
  • The water cushions the ride so it reduces or eliminates spine jarring effects of road biking.
  • This is a great outdoor activity for those with lower back pain or problems.